Zi Xiao

Fate in hand, stars above head.
Zi Xiao's mastery of occult scrolls surpasses all others. With each flick of his fingers, the star cards come alive like sharp blades, gathering cosmic power with each motion. When the moment is right, stars will heed his command, descending from the sky with a dazzling cosmic radiance.


A mysterious visitor from Spirit Realm who is proficient in alchemy and the elemental arts. With his alchemist expertise, the Crown Prince is able to trap and freeze the movement of his enemies with the Energy Orb. His hidden background has made him even closer to the elements. He combines various elements skillfully to create extraordinary effects.

Ao Bai

A master of explosions and firearms. Ao Bai's expertise with firearms allows him to control two weapons at the same time. Also, due to his passion for explosions, he has always been able to make powerful explosives.

Qing Yan

Qing Yan is a skilled martial artist who moves like the wind and is as elusive as shadow. Unlike others, Qing Yan has a dislike of alchemy and shield and chooses instead to indulge in martial arts and Armor. With his martial art prowess, Qing Yan likes to leap into the fray to cleave enemies. That being said, he also likes the smoke and sound of shotguns.

Lei Luo

Lei Luo, who is born with thunderbolt tattoos, can easily manipulate lightning to hit enemies.Through continuous training, he can integrate his talents with firearm skills to make an amazing shot.


Tao, who is a master in the art of sword control, is keen to manipulate her royal flying sword to strike all foes. Meanwhile, she can condense her energy into petals, dealing hidden injuries against enemies with her fatal blooms.

Qian Sui

The valiant Qian Sui specializes in the art of close combat and traverses the battlefield with his power. Being associated with water, Qian Sui is capable of summoning Tidal Aspis to block enemies' fierce attacks and smashing any enemy daring to stand in his way.


Master the spirit, and blaze the sky with crimson flame. As the descendant of the Qingqiu Gens, Li is capable of consuming her enemies with scorching flame, and summoning the fiery spirit to finish things off. Li also figured to combine her flame techniques with powerful firearms, which allows her to take down enemies efficiently, yet elegantly.

Xing Zhe

Capable of Shapeshift, persisted in hunting demons.Xing Zhe’s origin remains unknown. He is capable of summoning clone that cudgels his enemy in various ways. Xing Zhe also uses the Essence Chain to extract enemies’ power and turns it into his own strength.


Adorable, Agile and Talented Nona, who still retains a touch of innocence, had already constructed the outstanding mecha called 'Iron Wing'. Based its different core operation systems, Iron Wing can rush into the battlefield for close-quarters combat with enemies, or hold its position and transform into a turret for shooting at enemies. Besides her expertise in mechanical skill, she is also pro in forging meticulously crafted pistols.

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  • FPS+roguelite
  • Lowpoly Art Scene
  • Co-op with Friends
  • Various Weapons and Items
  • Combat against Bosses