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Update Notes-April 26

What’s up folks!

In this update, we bring you a new paid hero, [Xing Zhe] as well as two new options [Interdependent Fortune] and [Lone Wolf] in the [Bizarre Dream]. Meanwhile, We add three new weapons: [Hexagon], [Lighting Ksana] and [Wheel Saw] and a new random gameplay option in the Vault called [Dragon Treasure]. Additionally, there are also three new general Spiritual Blessing and adjustments to the effects of some Spiritual Blessing and Ascension. Have fun in Gunfire Reborn!

--Gunfire Studio




New Hero [Xing Zhe]

Capable of Shapeshift, persisted in hunting demons.

Xing Zhe’ s origin remains unknown. He is capable of summoning clones that cudgels his enemy in various ways. Xing Zhe also uses the Essence Chain to extract enemies’ power and turns it into his strength.


Unlocked condition: unlocked by purchase

Primary Skill: Soul Strike

Pull out a hair and blow it to the enemy. When it lands on the enemy, summon a clone that performs [Cudgel] hits up to 4 times to enemies within 10m. Every [Cudgel] hit deals Weapon DMG, which is based on the held weapon, instead of Skill DMG. Soul Strike has additional effects based on the Weapon Type. Each enemy can be struck by [Cudgel] once in a single Soul Strike.

Secondary Skill: Essence Chain

Draw out Soul Essence from your bracelet, dealing 500 DMG to up to 4 enemies, and extracting their souls to enhance your own weapon. +2 temporary Weapon Levels for 6s.


Exclusive Talents:

[Heaven Armory]: For every 50 enemies killed, a Special Ammo weapon will be dropped.

[Indestructible Spell]: +15 Max HP and Max Shield. For every 10% Shield lost, +10% Shield Recovery Speed.

[Enhanced Artifact]: +200 Essence Chain Base DMG.

[Proficient Trick]: +50% Soul Strike DMG.

[Steady Stance]: Upon taking lethal DMG from an enemy, HP is fixed at 1, become immune to DMG for 1s, and perform a [Cudgel] hit, dealing 200% DMG to that enemy. If the enemy is killed by [Cudgel], recover 100% Shield.


Exclusive Spirit Blessings:

[Dimensional Strike]: +2 Soul Strike uses. +40% Weapon DMG for every [Cudgel] hit performed, up to 10 stacks. Reset when taking DMG from an enemy.

[Essence Drainer]: +1 extra temporary Weapon Level for every enemy affected by it. For every Weapon Level of the current weapon, +40% Essence Chain DMG.

[Weapon Mastery]: +200% total bonus from Assaulter, Generalist and Breacher talents. Both weapons equipped share their bonuses.

[First Strike]: +5% Weapon DMG for every remaining ammo in the magazine.


New Achievement:

[Victory of Xing Zhe]: Win a game as Xing Zhe.

[Deadly Strike]: Defeat 500 enemies with Soul Strike.

[Soul Taker]: Defeat 10 or more enemies in one single Soul Strike.


Talent Adjustments

[Qing Yan]

[Recharge Shot]: Restore 1 point of Armor whenever your shot hits an enemy. (trigger up 6 per second maximum → 12 per second).


[Lei Luo]

[Gifted Man]: Optimized the mechanism of Lei Luo’s Talent, “During the Fatal Current, Chain Lightning does not cost Secondary Skill uses”. Now [Chain Lightning] can be properly cast when there is no Secondary Skill use.


Ascension Adjustments

[Crown Prince]

[Advanced Shield]: The max level is reduced to 1.

Old: After casting Energy Orb, +30%/60%/90% Shield recharge speed and -30%/60%/90% Shield recharge delay for 6/6/20s. (Lv3) The recharge cannot be interrupted once started.

New: After casting Energy Orb, +60% Shield recharge speed, -60% Shield recharge delay and the recharge cannot be interrupted for 6s.


[Qing Yan]

[Nova Shockwave]: The max level of is reduced to 1.

Old: +5/10/15 max Armor for 8/9/10s for each enemy killed. When your armor breaks, release a Nova Shockwave that deals [max Armor * 25/35/50] DMG to surrounding enemies.

New: +10 max Armor for 9s for each enemy killed. When your armor breaks, release a Nova shockwave that deals [max Armor * 50] DMG to surrounding enemies.

[Hail of Bullets]

Old: The first 3/4/5 shots after reloading consume no ammo and deal +30%/60%/100% weapon DMG with an additional +20%/30%/40% Lucky Shot chance.

New: +30%/60%/100% weapon DMG and +20%/30%/40% Lucky Shot chance when the magazine is full. The first 3/4/5 shots after reloading consume no ammo.



New Weapons:

[Lighting Ksana]

Type: Sniper

Dual-Wield: Support

Intro: Shooting a teammate deploys a DMG blocking shield. DMG being blocked or causing no-scope Crit Hits gains charges. Scoped shots consume charges for Enhanced Shots with higher CritX.

Exclusive inscriptions:

Deploy a shield on yourself after 3 Crit Hits with Enhanced Shots.


[Wheel Saw]

Type: Shotgun

Dual-Wield: Support

Intro: If all Projectiles in a shot hit the enemy, the next Weapon Skill will be enhanced.

Weapon Skill: Deal Weapon DMG to the area ahead while reloading.

Exclusive Inscription:

Enhanced Weapon Skill breaks normal enemy's Shield/Armor and deals DMG.

Unlock: Defeat [Lightning Swordsman] 15 times



Type: Rifle

Dual-Wield: Support

Intro: After 18 shots, you can deploy a shield.

Weapon Skill: Deploys a shield that blocks attacks. Recast to retract the shield early. When the shield is retracted, it fires a powerful seeking shot. DMG is based on the number of blocked attacks.

Exclusive inscriptions:

Shield retraction fires 3 powerful shots, but they no longer seek enemies.


Weapons adjustments


DMG proportion dealt by lava: 50%→30%


Other weapon optimization:

Added auto-fire function of weapon skill in Deafening Mortar.
Optimized the logic of auto fire
Optimized some intros of inscriptions.


Spiritual Blessing

New General Spiritual Blessing:

[Counter violence]: +1x CritX. Weapon DMG has a 50% chance to become a Crit Hit.

[Skilled Trick]: Every time you use the Weapon Skill, +20% Lucky Shot Chance for 10s (up to 10 stacks).

[Armed Caster]: +50% Skill DMG for every 1x CritX of the held weapon.


Spiritual Blessing Adjustments:

[Ultimate Firearm]

Old: There's a 75% chance to drop an [Enhanced] weapon

New: There's a 75% chance to drop an [Enhanced] weapon with at least 1 Exclusive Inscription.



Old: Obtain a random elemental effect upon dealing DMG, and convert all negative Elemental Effects applied to the hero to bonus with opposite effects.

New: When inflicting an Elemental Effect to the enemy, there is a 100% chance to inflict all Elemental Effects (CD: 2s). Convert all negative Elemental Effects applied to the hero to bonus with opposite effects.


New-added option in Bizarre Dream

[Interdependent Fortune]

From Anxi Desert as the begin, Player can select extra Occult Scrolls at the entrance as well as enemies will gain effects of corresponding Occult Scrolls randomly.


[Lone Wolf]

Only available in single play. Enemies will be fiercer. You can choose 1 extra general Spiritual Blessing before a run for free.



Added new mode [Dragon Treasure].



Players can adjust their transformation type manually in Spiritual Link when they have multiple elemental transformation.



Optimized the effect of [Golden Touch]. it will automatically recycle all weapons/Occult Scrolls belonging to players when changing stages.


Bug Fixes

Fix an issue that Voice Chat may not be opened.
Fix an issue that the extra effect of [Heart of Battle](the Ascension of [Lei Luo]) in level 3 may go void.  
Fix an issue that [Lei Luo’s] Ascension [Thunder Nemesis] cannot properly hit Abyssal Serpent.
Fix an issue that [Lei Luo’s] Ascension [Magical Supply] does not work properly when using Injectors.
Fix an issue that the multiple explosion effect of [Energy Bolt](the Ascension of [Crown Prince]) is improper.
Fix an issue that [Energy Orb] may stuck in charging action under certain circumstances.
Fix an issue that [Crown Prince’s] skill [Energy Orb] cannot freeze [Kappa] when it hovers in mid-air.
Fix an issue that the spiritual blessing [Tsunami Punch] of [Qian Sui] could not stack up the Occult Scrolls layers of [Merciless Combo] in some circumstances.
Fix an issue that the Spiritual Blessing [Tsunami Punch] from [Qian Sui] is unable to trigger the Occult Scrolls [Elemental Magazine].
Fix an issue that the DMG of occult scrolls [Energy Sandals] and [Skill Booster] does not apply properly on the main skill [Swords Out] of [Tao].
Fix an issue that in some circumstances, the skill DMG does not apply properly on launcher DMG.
Fix an issue that the number of activated Occult Scrolls of [Misfortune Aura] display improperly in Spiritual Link.
Fix an issue that the VFX of Spiritual Blessings [Elemental Orb] does not display in the right location.
Fix an issue that [Eye of Providence] cannot display the entrance of the unopened Vaults in Hyperborean Jokul.
Fix an issue that players cannot exit after completing the Vault challenge.
Fix an issue that terrains in [Anxi Desert], [Duo Fjord] and [Hyperborean Jokul] are improper.
Fix an issue that players cannot pick up dropped items in some places of [Anxi Desert], [Duo Fjord] and [Hyperborean Jokul]
Fix an issue that the option of obtaining Golden Goblet cannot be selected in Mysterious Chest of Daily Challenge.
Fix an issue that the extra effect [Invulnerable Dome] erroneously makes enemies in a certain range immune to DMG when crystal disappeared in Daily Challenge [Crystal Seeker].
Fix an issue that the calculation of Max HP decrease effects is improper after discarding the Occult Scroll [Paranormality] in Daily Challenge [Economic pressure].
Fix an issue that the attack types of [Elusive Stalker] and [Thunderous Stalker] are improper under certain circumstances.


Additional Update - 4/26

1. Fixed an issue that players cannot register accounts or change passwords.
2. Fixed an issue that talent level displays improperly.
3. Fixed an issue that players cannot purchase the base game in the game. (Only Android users can purchase the base game in the game)


Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featuring FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements.Players can control unique heroes—each with different abilities—as they adventure through random levels and pick up randomly dropped weapons.
You can play Gunfire Reborn alone or cooperatively with up to three other players (4-player co-op).Every level is random; each new restart is a brand-new experience.You will meet different heroes and experience new weapons, items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms across the game’s many levels.