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To players logged in with Facebook Account

We regret to inform you that during these past two months, the project has been continuously attempting to contact Facebook to resolve the login issues for players, but we have not received any response from Facebook.

We sincerely apologize to players who have been unable to play Gunfire Reborn mobile during this period of time.

To address this issue, we need the assistance of players who use Facebook login to complete the account conversion:

Players only need to register a Duoyi Account (click on "Login/Register" in the top right corner) and submit the relevant Facebook verification information to switch their binding account for Gunfire Reborn Mobile. (Please do not login during your account conversion progress. This operation may make you failed to convert your account.) 

Facebook Account convertion  address (including detailed steps):

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact via email or leave a message for Ziplocked on Discord.

We will respond as soon as possible upon receiving your email or message. 


Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featuring FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements.Players can control unique heroes—each with different abilities—as they adventure through random levels and pick up randomly dropped weapons.
You can play Gunfire Reborn alone or cooperatively with up to three other players (4-player co-op).Every level is random; each new restart is a brand-new experience.You will meet different heroes and experience new weapons, items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms across the game’s many levels.